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Tango mirrors life. 

And in this mirror we see not only ourselves but what we cherish, what we value, what moves us.

I have had a lot of fun dancing over the years but even more fun figuring out what I can learn about myself in the process – how I relate to others,  to my body, to movement, to music. The learning never ends.

I do not claim any proficiency in dancing. My attempts at technical prowess resemble  a timid child on the ocean’s shore. On rare, bold moments I may risk venturing in to take a stroke or two, but in short order I exit chilled and chastened.

I do however, consider myself a fairly serious student of human nature. I have now reached that dignified stage of life (post middle age) where I have the luxury of looking back over my life with some insight and wisdom.

It is in the midst  of this journey of reflection and self-awareness that the tango emerges, inviting me to embrace more fully the pressing sensuality of the present moment. This is where I encounter Divine Presence. This is where You and I encounter each other.

In truth, this blog is more about touch than tango. It is about how we touch each other, not only on the dance floor but in those treasured, precious, often fleeting moments that bless and enrich our lives, perhaps without us even recognizing it.

I will attempt to draw attention to those moments in my writing.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.

Have fun and stay creative.

Aydan Dunnigan-Vickruck



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