Valentine’s Day

The Dance of the Heart


“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. .. It presupposes faith and love.” Simone Weil

As it is Valentine’s day, I want to talk romance and relationships. I don’t mean to suggest that all dances need to feel like romantic encounters, but it is fun for some to warm us up once in awhile.

Think of tango as  a heartfelt encounter. What that would look like? What would it look like? How might that change the dance? 

The structure of the dance and the embrace reinforce the heart connection. The embrace pulls us together, heart to heart. (I prefer this wording to chest to chest because we are not merely talking about anatomy when we describe tango.) The body positioning and movement supports and expresses the heart presence and intent.

Tango is the movement of two souls revelling in the connection and shared creative exploration. Without the heart filling every gesture, every accommodation it is nothing more than an athletic performance.

Tango movements are intricate and complex because the practice of attunement and mutuality is profoundly intricate and complex; To learn how to invite response without coercion, to communicate intent without words, to move in harmony with your partner all the time in keeping with the music takes skill, patience, focused attention and an open heart.

It also helps to have as a backup a nice bottle of wine, some flowers and of course, chocolate. Happy Valentine’s day.


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